Meet the Staff at Buxton Consulting

Bruce Buxton, President, Head Office, Abbotsford

I am the President of Buxton Consulting Ltd. since 1987. I was employed by the Ministry of Social Development from 1982 to 1987 where I developed the skills in vocational assessments, established the first in-house Job Club program in 1982, and provided Employment Services for Income Assistance Clients.

Beginning in 1987, Buxton Consulting Ltd. has been providing the full range of Employment Servicesi n various locations including Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Surrey, Langley, Delta, and Richmond.

It has been exciting and rewarding to have worked with exceptional staff over the past 25 years to ensure high quality services that are effective and have always put the Client first.

I look forward to meeting the current Employment Services challenges throughout the Fraser Valley and, now, in the Okanagan as well.



Wendy Weir Buxton, RRP, CVP, Executive Director, Head Office, Abbotsford

Currently I am the Executive Director of Buxton Consulting, Limited, with over 23 years’ experience in case management, evaluation and assessment, vocational planning, job placement and individual and group job search skills.  I truly believe that “Every journey begins with the first step.”



Gerri Botterill, Associate Executive Director

Gerri is a certified Career Development Professional who holds Certificates in MBTI and Personality Dimensions.  She has over 15 years experience in the Employment Counselling field.  Gerri is passionate about assisting individuals in realizing their full potential. Gerri also provides Vocational Rehabilitation Services to WorkSafeBC claimants.  “It is an honor to work with a company that demonstrates such a high level of client service and has a Management Team that is supportive and recognizes each individual for their unique contribution and experience.” 




Erin Ireland, Area Manager/Health & Safety Liason

Erin worked for the Ministry of Social Development for 32 years, during this time she was a Financial Assistance Worker, Training Consultant and a Disability Consultant.  Erin was also a Staff Trainer for the Ministry and she also was a Workshop Facilitator.  Erin also worked for Fraser Health developing Life Skills Curriculum for individuals with Mental Health conditions.  These positions lead to her establishing and building many community relationships that throughout the years she has utilized to support the clients that she works with.  Erin has worked for Buxton Consulting since 2008 providing community support services to multi-barriered individuals as a Program Facilitator.

She has her Community Social Service Worker Certificate from Cariboo College and a Concurrent Disorder Certificate. She has spent the majority of her career in Employment Services working with Specialized Populations.  Erin has also met the requirements to achieve the designation of Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP).



Kara Stokes, Team Lead / Case Manager - Disability Services, Chilliwack ESC

Kara started her career in Business Administration, working in retail operations and operating a home based bookkeeping business.  While she enjoyed different aspects of the job, she realized that her true passion lay with helping people.  She completed a career exploration and determined that Social Services was the place for her to be.  While completing her Social Service Diploma at UFV, Kara had an opportunity to work with persons with disabilities and the local career center for youth.  Both opportunities helped cement her career path.  After graduation in 2008, Kara was hired on by Buxton Consulting as a facilitator.  Currently Kara is a Disability Services Case Manager with the Work BC office in Chilliwack.  What Kara enjoys most is the opportunity to provide hope to clients and assist them with building new futures for themselves through employment.  Kara is proud to be a part of the Buxton team and uphold the values of the company.



Sar Robson, Case Manager - Disability Services, Sardis ESC

Sar has worked locally in the Fraser Valley for the past fifteen years. She has worked in the Human Resource field with the aim of assisting people to find employment best suited to their skills and abilities. Prior to coming to Canada, Sar has worked around the world in projects in Engineering, Design Construction, Architecture, Interior Design, CAD, and Satellite Design. She has put teams of people together for global projects in Informational Technology. Sar has also worked in the filming industry as a Casting Agent for Films, Television and In-house Productions. She looks forward to working with people in the Disability Sector and working alongside you  to find sustainable employment.




Bruce Reilly, Customized Employment Specialist, Chilliwack ESC


Bruce is a BC boy having started life on an orchard in the Okanagan Valley. His childhood dream was to tinker with flying machines and then fly them. Bruce accomplished these two careers by age 24. He would then change careers another four times before arriving at his present Employment Counselling career with Buxton Consulting. With seven planned and successful career changes in his life, Bruce brings a bona fide level of experience to the title “Career Development Practitioner” and the field of Employment Counselling. He has been assisting people of all “descriptions” to find employment since 2004, when he first joined Buxton Consulting. Through the much appreciated guidance of Bruce and Wendy Buxton, Bruce Reilly completed his “Career Development Practitioner” certificate with Douglas College in 2005. He also holds his CCDP designation. Through all the different careers that Bruce has accomplished, he sees two common threads and those are - his genuine care for people and his desire to help others achieve their goals. Bruce is currently a Job Developer at the Chilliwack ESC providing employment services to persons with disabilities. 





Dawn Mathe, Job Developer, Chilliwack/Sardis ESC


Dawn's previous career before getting into the Employment field was as a marriage and family therapist in the UK.  Dawn worked for the Training Group at Douglas College for 11+ years Facilitating workshops on career planning and job search and went on to be the Coordinator of the 55 Plus group in New Westminster. She is passionate about the work she does and has worked with clients delivering life skills and career related workshops to diverse clients.  Groups included new immigrants, youth, older workers, professionals, trades workers, and multi-barrier clients.  Dawn has a strong ability to coach clients to build self esteem, recognize their transferable skills, and evaluate and overcome barriers to employment through group workshop facilitation and one-on-one assistance.  Dawn has her Provincial Instructor Diploma, and is a Certified Personality Dimensions and Job Club trainer. Dawn facilitates workshops and works as a Job Developer for Buxton Consulting in Chilliwack and loves working with the Chilliwack team.





John Norman, Case Manager, Chilliwack/Sardis ESC


John began his career in the military and attained the rank of Petty Officer Marine Engineer during fourteen years of service. He has worked for Multi-National Corporations including Wal-Mart Facilities Management and for Nestle Waters Canada, first as a Production Supervisor and then Logistics Supervisor at the warehouse and distribution center in Chilliwack. During his time at Nestle he found his passion for mentoring, guiding and facilitating whilst training colleagues in SAP business software and then moved into the Employment Services Field as an Employment Consultant in 2009. He has provided employment services to a diverse range of clients including youth at risk, persons with disabilities, mature workers and was also a staff trainer for Integrated Case Management software. John has discovered great personal satisfaction and success in helping and mentoring clients through the job search process. His experience has enabled him to relate to and rapidly gain the confidence of clients and John strives to ensure that the passion and enthusiasm for his work is always client focused. John has enjoyed living in Canada since emigrating fifteen years ago with his wife and two children and is excited at the opportunity to work with the Buxton Consulting Team.




Picture to come soon!

Greg Pace, Facilitator / Customized Employment Specialist / Marketer, Chilliwack/Sardis ESC


In his seventh year as a facilitator and employment specialist for Buxton Consulting, Greg joins our Chilliwack team to work tireless promoting individuals to find interest-driven employment, while also empowering clients' hidden passions to excel, to be highly invested in the companies they choose, and to progress in their careers. He believes that persistently looking for and striving to achieve unique strategies to assist, encourage, and promote enthusiastic responses lends itself to the richness of each person in optimizing their goal-centered potential for greater success.




Melodee Gademans, Team Lead / Case Manager - Disability Services Burnaby ESC


Melodee began her rewarding career in the employment services field with Buxton Consulting in 1997, having worked in a variety of employment support programs as an employment counsellor and group facilitator. In addition, she provided vocational rehabilitation services to WorkSafeBC claimants for over 10 years and managed a number of successful employment programs. She brings a multitude of skills and knowledge and tremendous dedication to her current position as Disability Services Case Manager / Manager and finds tremendous satisfaction in assisting individuals in achieving their vocational goals and realizing their true potential. Prior to embarking on a career in human services, Melodee worked in sales/customer service as a realtor and as a rental agent with a car rental company where she was able to develop her interpersonal skills and ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Melodee thoroughly appreciates the sense of team that Buxton Consulting has provided to her during her 17 year tenure as well as the company’s client-focused approach. Buxton Consulting feels very much like a family; the Buxton team is supportive and encouraging to one another and that translates into exceptional service to the clients we serve.





Eva Grozina, Customized Employment Specialist - Burnaby ESC


Eva has 30+ years of diverse Business Management experience in the Entertainment Industry, Hospitality, Retail sectors including Construction-Interior Design as overseas Project Manager. Training, managing and leading teams of 15 to 120+teams, planning/organizing large scale special events, provided her with the opportunity to hone her interpersonal, organizational/logistics skills and genuine passion for mentoring individuals and teams. Eva obtained her Career Development Certificate, graduating from Douglas College in 2010, is certified in Job Finding Club and Personality Dimensions. She spent 6 years at MOSAIC as an Employment Counsellor, Recruitment Specialist, Facilitator, and Job Fair Coordinator, working with professional immigrants, diverse populations, building long term Employer relationships with many of Vancouver's leading Companies.  Eva's experience has enabled her to establish rapid trust, rapport and coach clients to success in their chosen careers. Eva is proud to work for Buxton Consulting as a Customized Employment Specialist at the WorkBC-GT Hiring Solutions Brentwood Location.





Adrian Schuurmans, Resource Room Advisor, Maple Ridge ESC

Adrian comes to our service center with 7 years experience in the Employment Counselling Field.  Prior to this he worked for over 20 years in customer service.  Within the Employment Services, Adrian has been a case manager, facilitator and worked with multi-barriered clients, assisting them in determining their needs and next steps.  Adrian is passionate about helping others to succeed, not only in employment, but to set and achieve life goals.  It was through an Employment Service Centre that Adrian discovered his passion and embarked on his new career and achieved job satisfaction.  Adrian possesses an Employment Counsellor Diploma and is a Certified Career Development Practitioner.






Susette D'Souza, Case Manager, Coquitlam ESC


Explore, Enlighten and Empower has been my formula for life. It’s not unusual then that I am passionate about teaching, mentoring and coaching. This stems from my belief that, ‘applied knowledge is key to a successful future’. I am deeply committed to making that difference to my clients and look forward to creating and nurturing those ‘Possibilities and Brighter Tomorrows’ - one step, one day at a time.






Gordie Chand, Facilitator, Maple Ridge ESC

Gordie has a broad range of experience working in the sales field ranging from financial planning; real estate where he consulted and advised clients in making crucial decision’s that impacted their lives. He brings the skills and the knowledge that he gained in the previous line of work to assist people make career decisions.  He has been facilitating workshops and advising clients for the last three years.

Gordie received his undergraduate degree from Simon Fraser University in economics and also completed Career Development Practitioner Certificate from SFU. He is also certified in Job Finding Club as well as Personality Dimensions.



Sandra Weigmann, Case Manager, Maple Ridge ESC

Sandra has more than 12 years of experience and knowledge within marketing and communications, specifically within the technology sector, but her real passion is applying this knowledge in helping clients gain the tools they need to achieve employment success. Sandra received her Career Development Practitioner certification from Simon Fraser University and is also certified in Job Finding Club and Personality Dimensions.




Louise Roberts, Customized Employment Specialist, Maple Ridge ESC

Louise joins our agency from the corporate sector working in corporate and sales management for over 20 years; part of which was in medical insurance supporting her transition in working with diverse clients.  She completed the Career development program from (Simon Fraser University back in 2015) and continued her journey working towards the customized employment field. Her corporate sales knowledge has supported her in bridging the gap between the employer and the client, with a view to guiding the client successfully into sustainable employment.





Kathy Babichuk, Team Lead / Case Manager, Maple Ridge ESC

Born and raised in Vancouver, Kathy has been a Fraser Valley resident since 1988.  She is currently a Facilitator and Resource Room Consultant for the Work BC Maple Ridge Employment Centre. Kathy has over 12 years of experience facilitating a variety of information to adult learners, 3 years of experience as a Case Manager and completed the Career Development Practice Certificate at Douglas College in 2011. This experience and education allows her to use her passion for  providing caring service to clients to effectively assist them with their job search. 




Shermin Shamji, Case Manager, Port Coquitlam ESC

Shermin graduated from the Community Social Service Worker program at Douglas College in 2001.  She started her career at AWARE Society, initially as a practicum student and later was hired on to  facilitate the 4 weeks Women’s Career Planning program. She then  moved to be the  job club facilitator for another 3 years . Shermin started employment with Buxton Consulting in 2007 as a Case Coordinator working in the Port Coquitlam office. After three years in this role, she decided to take an opportunity to expand her skills set to work as a  Case Manager supporting immigrants at the Centre of Integration. During this time she also completed her CCDP designation.  She was happy to return to Buxton Consulting in September of 2011 in her former position as Case Coordinator and continued with the company in the new EPBC program with Avia Employment Services and currently serves as Case Manager in the Port Coquitlam location.  Her passion is supporting clients with their goals and working with people from all walks of life.




Fatima Mansoor, ICM Administrator, Port Coquitlam ESC


With a background in psychology and social services, I am very passionate to bring my experiences to the Buxton team. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Victoria and have 6 years of working in customer service and working with vulnerable clients. As an ICM administrator, I analyze what the case manager activities are conducted and process them into ICM for ministry reviewing and assist in administrative duties




Katy Kitainik, Facilitator, Port Coquitlam ESC


Katy has lived and worked in different roles in three different countries. She has MA

English in linguistics and her primary career was language instruction to youth and adults. After moving to Canada, she realized she wanted to provide direct service to people who look for a new career or struggle to find a job. She graduated from Career Development Certificate Program in Douglas College and started a new career.

She has since expanded her background in employment counselling, including curriculum design, job development and co-op placement. Her favorite role is facilitation as it allows her to use her transferrable skills and get immediate feedback from clients for her services. She is happy to be working as a facilitator for Buxton Consulting in Avia WorkBC PoCo office.



Fariba Jafary, Case Manager, Maple Ridge ESC


Fariba joined Buxton Consulting Ltd. in 2016 She has obtained Provincial Instructor diploma (PID), Advanced Microsoft Office Specialist, Certified Canadian Payroll Association, Business Administration Diploma, as well as many years of experience IT support and problem solving skills. During her teaching as a business instructor and Career Professional development for the past sixteen years, she has developed curriculum and delivered job search coaching courses and workshops. In addition, Fariba has many years’ experience working with diversity of individuals with multiple barriers and career research. She is eager to be part of the team at Buxton Consulting and Work BC.

“I perceive myself as a Case Manager who could improve the client’s overall situation and return to work and increase the quality of their life’s and career goal”





Alex Litwin, Data Quality, Head Office

Alex graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley with a degree in Psychology and Sociology. His aspiration to assist others to succeed makes him an ideal fit with the Buxton team, and his aptitude with research data and computer systems ensures our case managers may dedicate more time to their clients than to administrative processes.





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