Meet the Staff at Buxton Consulting

Bruce Buxton, President, Head Office, Abbotsford

I am the President of Buxton Consulting Ltd.  I was employed by the Ministry of Social Development from 1982 to 1987 where I developed skills in vocational assessments, established the first in-house Job Club program in 1982, and provided Employment Services for Income Assistance Clients.

Since 1987, Buxton Consulting Ltd. has been providing a full range of Employment Services in various locations including Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Surrey, Langley, Delta, Richmond and Penticton.

It has been exciting and rewarding to have worked with exceptional staff over the past 25 years to ensure high quality services that are effective and have always put the Client first.

I look forward to meeting the current Employment Services challenges throughout the Fraser Valley and, now, in the Okanagan as well.


Wendy Weir Buxton, RRP, CVP, Executive Director, Head Office, Abbotsford

Currently I am the Executive Director of Buxton Consulting, Limited, with over 23 years’ experience in case management, evaluation and assessment, vocational planning, job placement and individual and group job search skills.  I truly believe that “Every journey begins with the first step.”


Kara Stokes, Program Coordinator - Customized Employment, VSTEP Young Adult Employment Program, 55+ Advantage Employment Program


As a long-time employee of Buxton Consulting, I have had the opportunity to work in several positions and programs which has led to my current position of coordinator.  As the coordinator, I have developed a leadership style that allows me to support my fantastic team when they need it, at the same time, encouraging them to grow and thrive in their positions.  My work is guided by my primary principle of “do no harm”, followed by my work values of integrity, respect, empathy and teamwork.  I have a diploma in Social Work, am a Career Development Practitioner with over 11 years in the industry and am currently working on my BAIS through Royal Roads University.  My specialization is working with Persons with Disabilities and significant barriers to employment.  In my spare time?! – when I am not doing schoolwork, I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring Natural British Columbia.



Erin Ireland, Health & Safety Officer, Marketing and Community Engagement Liason

I have worked for Buxton Consulting since 2008.  During this time, I have had the opportunity to work in several positions and in several program areas specializing in clients with barriers and disabilities.  My current position is the Health and Safety Officer and Community Relations Representative.  I promote Buxton Consulting Employment Programs in the Fraser Valley Regional District.  I look after the Buxton staff through careful promotion of our company’s health and safety policies.  I have the pleasure of meeting with each new staff member to introduce them to the Buxton family and complete the onboarding processes.  My career in the human services field is extensive, with lots of stories of success:  However, I am most proud of two of my former clients who with my guidance became co-workers.  One of the reasons I like working for Buxton Consulting is that company shares my person value of a client centered approach:  To assist clients with reaching their full potential.   When I am not working, I enjoy having fund with friends, family and I love playing word games.  



Bruce Reilly, Customized Employment Development Specialist


I am currently a Customized Employment Developer Specialist with Buxton Consulting Ltd. in Abbotsford, BC. Customized employment is a way of personalizing the employment relationship between a candidate and an employer in order to meet the needs of both. It applies in particular to candidates with disabilities. The individual candidate’s skills, interests and barriers are identified in a process of "discovery", and job content and environment are tailored to these in a process of negotiation.

I have successfully completed five career changes starting with the most recent – Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP); Computer Software & Hardware Instructor; Computer Certified A+ Technician; Commercial Airplane & Helicopter Pilot; Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

My core values can be described in the following words – compassion, loyalty, commitment, Spirit of adventure, service to others and clean good humor. These have all had an active influence on my behavior and life goals. Working with people and being a service to others has been and continues to be one of my enjoyments.

If you were to catch me outside of work you would see the same values being played out in my life.

I would like to share a little “factoid” – my aviation career has given me the distinct honors of claiming an “off-the-earth” experience for 260 days where my feet did not touch the earth.


Kim Welsh, Customized Employment Development Specialist


I currently work at WorkBC Mission as a contractor for their Customized Employment Services.  Because I grew up in the northern town of Williams Lake BC, a smaller community is second nature to me.  When I was very young I took a college course to learn American Sign Language and took the journey through Vancouver Community College full time fluency program and the Grant McEwan ASL-English Interpreting program early on in my career.  I was fortunate to have casual work as a Deaf/Blind Intervenor whist I was studying.  My path took me to Australia for over 15 years where I worked for Jobsupport Inc., in customized services for clients with a moderate Intellectual disabilities or Down Syndrome.  It brings me so much satisfaction and joy to know that some of the 700 clients in paid employment working in Sydney have been in their original job for over 10 years because of the work I was privileged to do. Employment is a critical piece of anyone’s life and I have seen it change people’s lives.  One of my favorite quotes is “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance” -Verna Myers.  Although I miss my volunteer wildlife rescue work in Australia, the snow and the four seasons of Canada is where my heart belongs.  Bringing my skills back to Canada and working with clients in a customized program is even more rewarding.  Since my return home in 2012, I have worked for WIDHH, Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, under a Deaf director until her retirement and, once again in employment programs, at WorkBC in Vancouver Downtown Eastside and Coquitlam.  If you are looking for me you will likely find me in the line up at Tim Hortons to order my “double-double” or at the lake with our Golden Retriever Bindi.



Eva Grozina, Customized Employment Development Specialist


Collaborating with and empowering clients with multiple barriers to find suitable employment through discovering their passion, talent and abilities.


Being a proud member of the Buxton Consulting team during the past two years, has given me the opportunity to combine my values and experience in working with a diverse client group. Obtained my Career Development Certificate, graduated from Douglass College in 2010, certified in Job Finding Club and Personality Dimensions. Previously 6+ years with MOSAIC as an Employment Counsellor, Recruitment Specialist, Facilitator and Job Fair Coordinator, working with professional newcomers, diverse populations and client’s with multiple barriers to employment.


Accomplishments I am proud of: Owning two successful businesses one in the Entertainment sector, the second in Construction-Design. Managed multi-island overseas construction and design projects. 25+ years diverse business experience in managing various companies in Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment, Manager of Entertainment and Attractions, Pacific National Exhibition.


Away from work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, pursuing a few of my passions, Art, Music, Horses, Travel, Outdoors, Volunteering and Fundraising for charities over the years, currently focusing on children and seniors.





Dawn Mathe, Customized Employment Development Specialist


My previous career before getting into the Employment field was as a marriage and family therapist in the UK.  I worked for the Training Group at Douglas College for 11+ years Facilitating workshops on career planning and job search and went on to be the Coordinator of the 55 Plus group in New Westminster. I am passionate about the work I do and have worked with clients delivering life skills and career related workshops to diverse clients.  Groups included new immigrants, youth, older workers, professionals, trades workers, and multi-barrier clients.  I have a strong ability to coach clients to build self-esteem, recognize their transferable skills, and evaluate and overcome barriers to employment, and have achieved this through group workshop facilitation and one-on-one assistance.  I have my Provincial Instructor Diploma, and I am Certified Personality Dimensions and Job Club trainer. Having discovered my own career passion and the impact it has had on my life both personally and professionally, has had a huge influence on the way I work with clients. I have come to discover that everyone has smarts that are personal to them, and this is a big part of my work with clients, and a direct reflection of their potential for success. I currently work as a Customized Employment Specialist for Buxton Consulting in the South Okanagan serving clients in the Penticton, Summerland, Keremeos and Oliver offices.




Tracy McGrath, Customized Employment Development Specialist


As a CEDS, I connect individuals who identify as having a disability with well-matched employers.   

For over 25 years I have had the honour of building capacity in my community by working with individuals and families facing atypical life challenges.  From children to elders and everyone in between, I have aided my clients in navigating the hurdles that cause barriers to accessing social connection and opportunities.  Over my career, I have enjoyed various roles such as Group Facilitator, Community Liaison, Course Instructor, Program Coordinator and Therapeutic Counsellor. Working as a CEDS utilizes the culmination of my experience and skills in supporting my clients to reach their highest possible potential.  

I value meeting my clients where they are at, then working collaboratively to building capacity towards their goals.  My nature was gifted with a strong sense of compassion and empathy for those who need it most. It is vital for my clients to feel respected and valued throughout their journey, and so I am careful to keep them in the “driver's seat” as we move through the process towards sustainable employment.  Self-regulation and self-care are at the core of my practice, offering my clients an opportunity to build capacity within themselves.  

As a wife and mother of a busy “tween” I highly value making time to practice my favourite crafts: knitting, sewing and producing a live talk show on community radio.  With my family I enjoy cooking healthy meals, working in our garden and outdoor activities in either our tent or canoe (ideally both!). Despite being a bookish introvert, socializing for me often looks like bringing women together to network and share laughs and crafts.   I love being part of progressive community groups that give me faith in our future as the human race.







John Norman, Employment Specialist, VSTEP Program, Chilliwack, Hope, Agassiz, Boston Bar


I am currently working as an Employment Specialist in the Virtual Skills for Employment Success Project and I have worked in the employment services industry for over 10 years. I have found great personal satisfaction in helping and mentoring a multitude of clients through the job search process to realize long term employment success. My experience includes working with youth at risk, persons with disabilities and mature workers.  My extensive experience has enabled me to rapidly gain the confidence and trust of clients and I strive to ensure that the passion and enthusiasm for my work is always client focused. I began my career at age 17 in the military and attained the rank of Petty Officer Marine Engineer during fourteen years of service. I have worked for Multi-National Corporations including Wal-Mart Facilities Management, Nestle Waters Canada and WorkBC and was a staff trainer in SAP business software and Integrated Case Management (ICM).  I am an avid golfer but admit my game is a lifelong “work in progress”.












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